Love Yourself

Self-Love and Self-Care – Weapons in the Battle with Depression

Mental Health issues are looming in many Americans, the NIMH reported that 17.3 Million Americans in 2017 reported at least one major depressive event that year.  Estimates of a rise in Anxiety and Depression in 2020 with the converging events of a pandemic, economic collapse and racial unrest mean that Major Depression is likely to rise significantly. The US Census Bureau reports that as much as 33% of the population are now dealing with Major Depressive Disorders since the start of COVID-19.

The isolation required to battle the pandemic is leading to more loneliness and withdrawal in those dealing with depression.  Now more than ever, it is important to use tools and techniques to battle Depression.

Centered on Self 

A significant strategy is to see yourself as worthy of Self Care and Self Love.  The complexities of Depression often transfer to self-loathing, low self-esteem, and low self-value and a constant “tape” in your head that focuses on negatives and low value for yourself.  Switching to a belief that you have value, are worthy of love and care is a battle for many dealing with depression.  Small changes, a plan of attack with your Mental Health Practitioner and daily routines can help you progress.


If you are dealing with Depression, speak to a Mental Health Counselor with experience in treating Depression, Anxiety and Related Disorders.  Counseling can be done in the privacy of your home.  Often Depression keeps one from wanting to leave the security of home, On Demand, On Mobile and Tele-Mental Health are all readily available.  Reaching out in times of isolation, loneliness and depressive events can have a profound effect on managing Depression.  Ongoing therapy can be effective both in reaction to significant changes in your level of Depression and proactive management to reduce future symptoms.  Set small goals, acknowledge small steps, and do what is possible when it is possible.  


Clearing your mind of the noise and distractions can be fundamental for making a mind shift.  Changing to a belief in Self Care and Self Love requires a shift both in the short term and the long term.  Meditation, spirituality, and religion have all helped in the process of getting centered.  Once you are clear and receptive, it will be easier to allow other techniques like meditative hypnosis, books, videos and tapes on the Art of Self Care and Self Love which also present tools and techniques to strengthen your system of Self Care.

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