Enthrive Partners with CoD

Announcing our partnership with Counseling on Demand

I am excited to announce that we are partnering with Counseling on Demand to provide high-touch services to Enthrive members. They will offer traditional therapy for a variety of conditions such as anxiety and depression using video conferencing. They also have certified life coaches who can be a great advocate and advisor during challenging times. 

The Enthrive app facilitates collaboration between the client and therapist by enabling you to select and track goals. These are typically Small Actions that contribute to your mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. You can chat with your therapist in the app to learn more about the experience and refine your approach over time. Of course, all of this dialog is kept very private. 

The therapist will be able to review your progress in between sessions which will enable them to be more prepared to make the most out of your time together. Most importantly, you will both be able to understand your level of improvement through the Wellness Score and adjust the approach as needed to optimize your outcomes.

Counseling on Demand was founded by CEO, Matt Hunt. 

Learn more at https://counselingondemand.com

Check out their announcement here

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