Community Sponsorship

I love to give. For me, giving is easy because I’ve been the fortunate recipient of love and support from my family, my church, and the community. During my struggles as a young adult, there were a number of individuals who sacrificed their time and resources to help me overcome my challenges and enable me to pay it forward in the future. 

I prefer to lend my support to those with a shared connection–either a specific community location or people group. I care deeply about single mothers. Several times we have opened our home and mentored single mothers not just to bring relief, but to empower them to live fulfilled and prosperous lives. I felt honored to repay my debt to those who were so generous to me.

Unfortunately, I have felt burned by giving money to charitable organizations or lone individuals. I’m grieved by the reality that our hard earned dollars are used for promotion, administration–or worse–to feed an addiction. I’ve learned the hard way to be very intentional insisting on transparency in how MY specific sponsorship is being applied to the intended objective. I want to empower individuals to overcome their challenges and live fulfilling and productive lives, not to become solely dependent on the charity of others long term. 

Not one to simply admire a problem, I want to be part of the solution. Today I am announcing that Enthrive is launching a program to enable individuals and organizations to sponsor wellness with your targeted community and/or people group. We will work with you to identify your objectives and preferences and provide total transparency in how your sponsorship is being applied and the outcomes. Click here to learn more.

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