Enthrive is an innovative, nonprofit startup focused on improving health more holistically by measuring and improving mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Our founders are experienced technology innovators and have led corporate teams with a combined 60 years of experience. They have invented new technology combined with "high touch" services to take a more active approach to improve our sense of well being. 

 Our Founders

Jeff O’Dell is the co-founder and CEO of Enthrive. He is an experienced corporate executive in large financial services enterprises where he was responsible for strategy, innovation, and data analytics. He has served as the Chief Technology Officer for a Fortune 100 company and is a prominent industry leader, rising to Vice President in four leading companies. 

He earned his BS in Industrial Engineering from Texas A&M University and completed the Executive Education program at MITs Sloan School of Management.

Kamal Mahalingam is co-founder, President of Enthrive. He is a seasoned executive and product visionary, leading teams who are inherently obsessed with customers. Kamal is a visionary in digital transformation and holds a patent in computer systems. His job is to provide directive leadership and support the organization by sharing vision and goals during the innovation journey. He is a proven entrepreneur with several successful start-ups. 


He is known for accelerated execution by building high-performance teams that are fueled by a culture of transparency and a sense of ownership.


Kamal has a BE in Electrical Engineering from PSG College of Technology and an MS and MBA from Central Connecticut State University. He earned his Professional Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University and is a Certified Life Coach.

 Our Leaders

Andrea New leads Business Development and sales for the Midwest and also serves as the COO for Counseling on Demand. She has a masters certification in Neuro-linguistic Programming and in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and REBT. 

She is a long time volunteer in the Special Olympics 


She studied Engineering at the University of Indiana--Purdue University Indianapolis. 

David Hull is an IT professional with more than 20 years of industry work experience, performing in a wide range of roles including software developer and test engineer, software designer, solution architect, integration architect, business architect, project manager, vendor manager, sales, and more, while specializing in the delivery of innovative model-based solutions, business domain modeling, process modeling, data modeling, and the development of client relationships.


He earned his BS in Computer Science from the University of Alaska Fairbanks and continuing education at the University of Washington.

 Our Team

Shakthi Mahalingam is the development lead for Enthrive. She considers herself to be a simple person with a broader outlook, who loves challenges and innovation. She has over 14 years of experience in the IT industry.

Shakthi is polite, organised and an assiduous woman. She believes in teamwork and collaboration for mutual growth. Apart from managing the day-to-day production activities at Enthrive, she also looks after marketing development. Her systematic planning has helped the company achieve consistent and reliable quality. Her personal connection with every employee helps to align the company's operations towards a larger goal.

Shakthi has a Master degree in Software Engineering from Bharathidasan University. She earned her Certificate in Data Science from Harvard University.

Suhashini Mahalingam is responsible for administration and operations for Enthrive. She started her professional career in 2001. She worked as a managing director at the KAM Technology Private Limited. As an active member of the product team she is responsible for suggesting new ideas, features and testing of the product.

She has earned her BS in Engineering and Information Technology from Anna University and a BA in English Literature from the University of Madras.  

Alamu Thirugnanam is a senior developer on the mobile app and cloud functions. She is very enthusiastic and easy going person.
She likes to learn and explore new technologies and is always willing to try new things and take on challenges to reach new heights. Her passion is gardening, watching movies, and browsing Instagram.

She has earned her BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Anna University.

Badrinath Krishnamurthy is an application developer who loves technology and eager to create wonderful applications. He has two years of working experience and is always curious and always try to create new ideas and thoughts. He is a person who strongly believes in teamwork to make progress in development of the company and me. Badri is responsible for front-end development at Enthrive. He believes in quality creating wonderful experiences for the end users. He is growing in the fields of Data Science and Machine Learning.

He has earned a BS in Mechatronics Engineering from Anna University.

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