This is an opportunity for churches to rise up and meet the needs of the people.


the church is our best source of comfort in trying times

...but most are not positioned to meet the needs, not just of their members but those in our communities. 

This outreach opportunity is unprecedented and the Church must rise up to serve ALL who are weary and heavy laden. 


there are So many who are overwhelmed by emotional stress and uncertainty

The demand on counseling and mental health providers has increased over 100% in demand for their services. 

Our program has found a way to balance self care,  interactive support, coaching, counseling, and therapy. We believe in the power of prayer through personalized recorded videos from our ministry team.

Depressed sad worried young woman wear night gown sit on bedroom floor alone troubled with loneliness, upset about solitude mental problem look at window think of abortion regret bad mistake concept



We have developed an innovative program to address these needs based on a variety of tools and services..

We adapt to the spiritual traditions of the individual to support them where they are. 

Give us a call (978) 415-9560 and we'll discuss next steps. Or if you prefer, send us an email at

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