The Gift of Wellness

We all have friends and family who would benefit from services like Enthrive but just need a boost to get started. This investment in your loved one has the potential to change their life's journey for the better. This program is designed to enable self-assess and self-care and provide HIGH-TOUCH services by real people who care--their support is just one click away.

The Problem:

While we recognize the value of diet, exercise, and mindfulness, sometimes it's not enough. Sometimes we need to take small actions to overcome our inhibitions and fears. We need a safe way to reach out to a caring voice to shine a light on life's challenges. 

The Solution:

Enthrive provides the tools to let you take control of your life. We know that one size doesn't fit all. We all have different preferred approaches to getting better. Enthrive integrates a variety of actions into a Wellness Score so you can monitor how you're doing over time. We also send a personalized report to help your loved one understand what's working and how to focus going forward. 

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