What’s in a name?

Enthrive Phone

We all want to thrive. There is nothing negative, no drawback or tradeoff associated with thriving. Here’s how the dictionary defines the word:

thrive [thrahyv]

  • To prosper; be fortunate or successful
  • To grow or develop vigorously; flourish

The overarching purpose of wellness and mindfulness is–you guessed it– to thrive! But sometimes we all need a little guidance and motivation to help us live and prosper in all aspects of our lives–mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We’re developing a unique program with sophisticated technology AND caring people to do just that. We want to enable you to thrive. That’s why we call it Enthrive:

en*thrive [en-thrahyv]

  • To enable the means of thriving
  • To measure and improve the process of thriving
  • To provide the tools and support to enable YOU to thrive

Kamal and I are committed to helping you on your journey to thrive! We have assembled a team of caring people to be there for you if needed. We’re just getting started so don’t hesitate to reach out and share your ideas.